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AsianPassion Tutors are students who volunteer to tutor international students in Asia. Tutors must be fluent in English, and must at least be in Middle School to apply. 

Tutors will be able to make international friends, be global citizens, and immerse themselves in diverse cultures. Gaining volunteer hours for certain awards is also a benefit to tutoring. Tutors are welcome to apply to more countries.

Tutors are also able to achieve certain accomplishments and tutor ranks based on feedback and involvement. Each rank has certain rewards including giveaways, scholarships, and more.

AsianPassion Program Tutoring

  • Tutor students internationally with English (Speaking, writing, reading, and more)

  • AsianPassion Program will provide you with a basic curriculum and weekly mentorship meetings

  • Tutor for a specific country or many countries​

  • Communicate with their corresponding country director(s) for any questions, concerns, and tutoring issues

  • Gain friends and volunteer hours through doing so!



  • All tutors will apply through the APP Tutor Application Google Form for their desired country(s).

  • Upon completion, APP will send an email with a short evaluation/interview meeting to see your tutoring experience and skills 

    • Go over important policies with the country director(s)

    • See if you have any requests with pairing (age, gender, etc..)

    • This evaluation meeting will help the country director match you up with a suitable student

  • After this evaluation meeting/interview, your country director will send you your paired student’s contact information. 

    • The contact method will vary from Zoom to Wechat, Skype, KakaoTalk etc. because each country has different ways of communication. 

    • The tutor will download the requested contact method and add the student through their given ID/Username

    • It is the tutor’s responsibility to reach out to the student after AsianPassion Program send you instructions

    • Both tutor and student will decide on the best class times and meeting dates


Tutor Policies:

All tutors are required to be responsible, dedicated, and timely with their students. They are not representing themselves as a person, but also the image of AsianPassion. After the tutor application, tutors are required to reach out to their students through the desired communication method. Tutors are required to sign an AsianPassion Tutor Contract, which will be required after we send you a confirmation email. They are also required to attend weekly check-in meetings with our mentorship team and directors. 

Mentorship Meetings

Tutors are required to participate in weekly mentorship meetings with AsianPassion before and during their work with international students. Should tutors show any form of discrepancy and disrespect, they will be prohibited from becoming an AsianPassion tutor. This weekly training/planning session will go over class material preparation, teaching attitude and enthusiasm, as well as proper guidance. 


Mentorship meetings will be split into two parts: First going over tutor material, then splitting into breakout rooms to check in with their respective country director on tutoring. 


Tutor Resources

After pairing, tutors will receive a password to the “Tutor” page under “Resources” on the AsianPassion Program website. This contains all official tutoring resources and materials.


Tutor Contract

All tutors are required to submit a tutor contract to their country director before pairs them up with a student. Tutors are required to agree to the terms and conditions that AsianPassion renders. Tutors should not show disrespectful, inappropriate, or unprofessional behavior towards their students. This includes online bullying, racism, or any form of disrespect. However, if tutors do, they will be terminated immediately with proper consequences with the AsianPassion program as well as their legal guardian and school administration. 

Class Policies:

Mentors and students will use the media platform that is most comfortable for both sides. Preferably Zoom or other free online platforms. The video should be on while tutoring and students are encouraged to actively participate. Additionally, all country representatives will create a country-specific curriculum, which will be utilized by all tutors to teach effectively. 

One-on-one tutoring: 

During one-on-one sessions, which is the main focus in AsianPassion, students can decide what they would like to focus on. These topics can range from homework help to test preparation. For private tutoring, both tutor and student should have a camera and microphone turned on, and communicate throughout. The duration of the class will be determined by the student and mentor as needed. 

Larger Classes:

For larger classes that might be implemented in the future, students should stay muted throughout unless they need to engage. Class topics can range from standardized testing to basic English tutoring. The topics, dates, and duration will be decided by the tutor and the organization itself. 


Tutor Ranks


  • Reach 10 Points

  • Bronze Tutor Discord Role

  • 1 Giveaway Entries


  • Reach 20 Points

  • Silver Rank Tutor Discord Role

  • 2 Giveaway Entries


  • 30 Points

  • Gold Rank Tutor Discord Role

  • Gold Certificate

  • 3 Giveaway Entries 

  • IG shoutout and recognition


  • Reach 50 Points

  • Diamond Rank Tutor Discord Role

  • Certificate + Giveaways (5)

  • IG shoutouts + recognition

  • Website Profile

  • Scholarships & Internships

  • More 

  • How do Tutors Gain Points?


  • Tutors gain points through receiving feedback from their students and attending mentorship meetings. Additional points can also be given by a Country Director depending on the situation. The student feedback form can be found on the About: Student page, tutors may send this form to their students too.

  • Mentorship Meeting = 1 point

  • 1 -5 Star Review for Student Feedback 

    • 3 stars = 0.5 points

    • 4 stars = 1 points

    • 5 stars = 2 points