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  • Qingqing Ouyang

2021 International Asian Conference

Anddd… that’s the 2021 International Asian Conference! Thank you so much for every who joined, we are so happy so many people around the globe were able to join us to learn about Asia, it’s history, dishes, and more. We hope that this was an opportunity for you to connect and make friends, and APP is beyond grateful that we could take on the role of being a bridging platform during May. A big thanks to the core team preparing all of this, and also to all the people that have been active in our community. Below we have included a recap on our events and pictures of the fun night.

But first, a quick breakdown by the numbers:

  • 2200 total

  • 730 rsvps

  • 26 countries

  • 6 continents

During the night, attendees participated in a variety of events including but not limited to Cards Against Humanity, Ice Breakers, Mafia, League of Legends, Valorant, Asian Jeopardy,, movie night, karaoke, and other APP mentorship activities.

Not only games and networking, the conference also had to speakers host AsianPassion Program Speaker Series. Two of our hosts included Khushbu Dulani, a current high school junior in New York who is passionate about many things, including making school curriculums and arts more equitable. Dulani presented her topic on The Distortion of Asia in History Classes, a discussion of how K-12 classrooms fail their Asian American students when integral parts of Asian American and Asian history are wiped from the curriculum, and the long-lasting effects of inaccurate Eurocentric history lessons.

Esther Leung-Kong also came in to speak about her immigration experience. Leung-Kong is a Vancouver based Chinese Canadian Author that aims to educate children on diversity, immigrant struggles, and cultural representation through her bilingual book “Wonderfully Made 奇妙的傑作." Esther’s passion includes advocating for justice & compassion both locally and globally through her work at the non-profit organization Culture Regeneration Research Society and volunteering with the local grassroots charity Vancouver Urban Ministries, leadership development for young people, and inspiring others through music. Throughout the years she has been raising awareness among the Chinese immigrant community about colonial history and treatment of Indigenous people. "Wonderfully Made 奇妙的傑作" is a picture book for children ages 5 – 10, the author shares her story and struggles of fitting in as a child immigrating to a new place. Along the way she met Indigenous friends and learned about their stories that helped transform her journey in embracing her own cultural roots.

Cooking with Asia was another event hosted by Katie Zhang and Anya Westerfield, who taught an online cooking class on a cultural dish significant to them. Katie decided to share her boba recipe, and Anya chose to create blini (Russian pancake) with her mother. See pictures above for the delicious masterpieces. Visit this post on our Instagram to see more.