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Country Directors manage all tutors within the specified Asian country. The Country Director is responsible for reaching out to schools in their chosen Asian country and connecting the Asian students to the tutors.

For each country, there will be 1-5 directors depending on the number of tutor applications and the size of the country.

Country Directors are required to speak English fluently and have connections or live in their chosen country.



Not only connections, but country directors are also responsible for creating all necessary documents: Student forms, check-in presentations, and country-specific curriculum. Country directors also conduct evaluation meetings for tutors before recruiting them and matching tutors and students.

Country Directors will undergo a very selective interview and application process and will be sent an email upon approval. There will be 1-5 chapter directors per country depending on the number of students and tutors. 


Country directors will take part in meetings with the VP of Country Chapters on a normal basis. Country Directors are part of the Core Team and are required to attend Core Team and Country Director-specific meetings. 

Tutors are in a country group and report to the country director. Should they have any questions, they can ask their country directors. Tutors meet with their students and provide what the students need. These hours can count towards volunteer service hours. Additional Tutor Guide.

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