Country Directors manage all tutors within the specified Asian country. The Country Director is responsible for reaching out to schools in their chosen Asian country and connecting the Asian students to the tutors.

For each country, there will be 1-5 directors depending on the number of tutor applications and the size of the country.

Country Directors are required to speak English fluently and have connections or live in their chosen country.



Not only connection, but Country Directors are also responsible for creating all necessary documents: Student forms, flyers, and country-specific curriculum guides. Country Directors organize and assign tasks to tutors, and tutors will report to the representative. Country Directors are also in charge of assessing the tutors before carrying out official classes and provide guidance and feedback. These evaluation meetings who be hosted by the Country DIrector, and will help them match tutors with suitable students.


After completion of the form, applicants will undergo an interview and will be sent an email upon approval. Interview cycles will take place monthly.

After becoming an official Country Director, they are required to attend weekly Country Director meetings and mentorship meetings.