Team Meeting

The AsianPassion Core Team is made up of different teams that focus on the internal organization structure. The marketing, media, outreach, planning, fundraising, mentorship, and technology aspects behind the organization are supported by the members in the Core Team.

All Core Team members work in a specific group and are led by an Executive Director who leads that specific team.

Core Team Applications take place on a yearly cycle, and will open every January for new and interested individuals.


Marketing Team

The marketing team has three main focuses: Media, outreach, and marketing. The marketing team will work on blogs, articles, interviews, or graphic design. The members will work to expand AsianPassion on social media and create flyers, graphics, and media posts. Secondly, they will work on finding partnerships and expanding external relations with other organizations, businesses, and institutions. The marketing team might work alongside the Planning team to communicate with the people in other organizations and plan joint events. Lastly, the marketing team will work on DMs and mass advertise all posts and content through all AsianPassion Program social media platforms. This includes posting, interacting, and communicating with interested individuals. Ultimately, the marketing team will focus on creating an appealing image for AsianPassion and create content that will further display AsianPassion’s mission and goals.

The executive marketing director(s) will lead this team and oversee all marketing operations, including assigning tasks and updating progress to the whole team.

Planning Team

The planning team will communicate with potential partners and plan AsianPassion Program events. These events will further AsianPassion’s goals and bring awareness, The planning team will organize volunteer opportunities (not tutoring), within the local community or globally. This includes working with Asian organizations, scheduling Asian talent shows, and bake sales and more. Workshops, speaker series, and other internal or external events will be managed by the planning team. 

The executive planning director(s) will lead the team and manage all events, including assigning tasks and updating progress to the whole team.

Mentorship Team

The mentorship team will work together to provide teaching etiquette and resources to all tutors. Tasks will be given out to the mentorship team from the mentorship director, including finding acceptable online resources and further teaching material. The mentorship team will also create slideshow/presentations for all the APP monthly tutoring meetings, and accommodate new tutors. The mentorship team is key to developing good tutors for our international Asian students. 


The mentorship director will provide support and mentorship to the new tutors for all countries and the mentorship team as well. 

Technology Team

The technology team will complete tasks from their director and will work together to manage Discord, Remind, and other tech-related platforms in an efficient and effective manner. The technology team will gather frequently with the board to discuss better ways to implement advancing technology in APP. Additionally, the technology team will organize spreadsheets while managing improved workspace for all members of the organization.

The technology director will supervise all technology-related activities within APP. This includes the APP community discord or web development. The technology director will mainly manage and provide tasks to the technology team, who will help the technology director in administering Discord and other technology-related events. 


Fundraising Team

The fundraising team will complete tasks from their director and work together to create fundraising opportunities for the organization. Additionally, the team also might plan where donations will go and other activities that involve payments, including drives, charity events, and the GoFundMe. Ultimately, the fundraising team will establish a stable financial foundation for the organization, and manage all financial matters with the board. 

The fundraising director will supervise the fundraising team, managing all financial-related responsibilities with the board. Additionally, the director will create tasks for the team and lead the team as a whole.