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Professional Presentation

AsianPassion Ambassadors are individuals who wish to expand AsianPassion’s goals and global marketing. They start and lead their own chapters in their community or school.

While the AsianPassion Program’s main goals are to provide free English tutoring for non-native speakers residing in Asia, Ambassadors reach out to their local area to help find tutors, not students. These tutors, who must speak English fluently, will also take part in tutoring students in Asia. Ambassadors have a strong focus on outreach, expanding AsianPassion in many locations.



Decide where you want to start your chapter

Some Ambassadors may find it easier to start a club with students within their high school. However, gathering members outside of school is completely acceptable as well. For example, if you regularly meet up with a local volunteer group, starting a chapter with them may be a good idea.


Submit APP application

Once you have found enough people to begin your chapter, apply using the form above to be considered for an interview.


Attend an interview

Shortly after submitting your application, you will receive an email with information regarding your interview. Only the chapter founder needs to attend.


Find interested members

In order to submit an application to become an Ambassador, you need to have at least 10 people (including yourself) who are ready to commit to APP.


Recieve adult approval 

Next, you need to contact any adults necessary to approve of your chapter. If you are starting a club in your high school, this may mean asking for a teacher sponsor and/or your principal’s approval.


Submit membership forms

Once your chapter is approved, have your chapter’s members fill out a membership form that will be shared with you to be considered as an official chapter member. The chapter founder does not need to fill out this form.


Have members sign up to be tutors

After filling out the membership form, chapter members should apply to become a tutor with APP using the form on our website. It may take some time for them to be matched with a student.


Host events, do tasks, attend meetings

Continue to advertise your chapter to others and host in-person and/or virtual events of your choosing. APP may issue tasks to Ambassadors, but the majority of the time, you will be running your chapter by yourself. Ambassador meetings will occur biweekly, where chapter founders will meet on Zoom with the APP Board and discuss progress.

Ambassadors will take part in meetings with the VP of Ambassadors on a normal basis. Ambassadors are part of the Core Team and are required to attend Core Team and Ambassador-specific meetings. 

Club members:

Club members under each ambassadors club at school can be tutors or simply take part in AsianPassion Program events. All club members are eligible to apply for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. 


Q: Do we need to pay any dues?
A: No, there are no dues needed to start/maintain your chapter.


Q: Can I get volunteer hours?
A: Yes, any time you devote to your chapter can be registered as volunteer hours.


Q: Can I start a chapter even if I live outside of the U.S.?
A: Yes, as long as you and your chapter members are fluent in English.

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