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School Students

The AsianPassion Program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects students from Asia with students from America. Its main goal is to connect with students internationally in Asia through tutoring and learning. Not only tutoring, making diverse friends around the world, and gaining relationships is also a key component in AsianPassion. 


AsianPassion strives to spread knowledge and bridge the gap between different cultures, especially stereotypes minor Asian ethnicities may face. By bringing awareness and making resources available to these international students, AsianPassion desires to create a global community between the two sides of the world. 


In addition to tutoring and enabling resources to Asia through Zoom and other virtual means of communication, AsianPassion aspires to connect students from different Asian countries through special cultural events, volunteering opportunities, and leadership qualities. Topics from teaching mainly revolve around English and breaking the language barrier; however, AsianPassion does conduct other classes, private and public. The distinctive trait of AsianPassion is the fact that the program is open to all countries and regions in Asia, and focuses on building connections across the oceans. While tutors in America are mostly high schoolers, the students in Asia can be from elementary to adult. Not only tutoring, but AsianPassion also strives to make diverse friends and introduce the exploration of culture and identity. Ultimately, the AsianPassion Program offers to build a bridge of networks, and these networks will allow students to become global citizens and leaders. 

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